Duration: 1 day
Days: Sundays
Time: 10am—5pm
Fee: £125

As a professional makeup artist you can enhance your repertoire by being able to offer the added skill of editorial hair styling.

With over 13 award winning years within the industry, Lee Stinton has an impressive portfolio of work and can even boast of being a finalist in the British Hairdressing Awards.

Using his wealth of experience and vital insider knowledge, Lee will cover a wide range of expert techniques.

  • Understand hair structure & various hair types.
  • Understand basic products, tools and equipment.
  • Create French and herringbone plaits and pleats.
  • Create quiffs, afro frizz and Mohawks.
  • Create fantasy hair.
  • Use hair wefts.
  • Attach tiara’s and veils.
  • Achieve straight blow dries. Effectively use hair straighteners.
  • Curl the hair (tongs, bendies, heated/plastic/velcro rollers).


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Pro Hair with Lee Stinton Course

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