Polished London Tooth Paste Tablets

Polished London Tooth Paste Tablets

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Polished London Toothpaste Tablets are the ‘must-have’ for people that are seeking an environmentally friendly toothpaste alternative.

They contain the perfect amount “toothpaste” for brushing your teeth and have been specially formulated to ensure no compromises are made with your oral health.

Our toothpaste tablets are a brilliant alternative to traditional toothpaste. They are natural peppermint flavour, include fluoride which helps prevent tooth decay and are free from synthetic ingredients like SLS.

To use, simply chew and brush for two minutes. The toothpaste tablets produce natural foaming and cleansing on the teeth. As they are water-free, they are also a great choice to use whilst travelling to different countries.

Made in the UK
Plastic-free, 100% recyclable packaging
Perfect for travelling
No added water
SLS free
Naturally foaming and cleansing on the teeth
Fluoride protection
Fresh peppermint flavour
Vegan friendly
Suitable for coeliacs
Not tested on animals

One month supply consisting of 62 chewable fluoride toothpaste tablets.

Safety Advice

Not suitable for anyone under the age of 7 years.

Products should only be used as directed and are not to be swallowed.

Please check the ingredients list if you have known allergies.


Place one tablet in the front area of your mouth.
Chew the tablet until it’s completely broken down with no bits.
Wet your toothbrush and brush for two minutes.
Spit toothpaste out as normal, but do not rinse your mouth out, leave a coating on your teeth to help protect them and freshen breath for longer