Hygiene is more important than ever. Here are some of my top tips for how to keep your makeup brushes and tools clean...

If you are a working makeup artist like myself you need to be incredibly clean. Over the years, I have seen some ‘professional makeup artists’ who have ZERO hygiene standards. Their habits would make your eyes water…..LITERALLY!

If you are MUA, make sure you have plenty of brushes to start with. Also a good on-the-spot brush cleaner that can be used between clients (For example, My Purifying Brush Cleaner). It’s a must when you’re out doing weddings or photo shoots - it will literally sterilise your brushes for you.

This product is also perfect for sanitising palettes, powders and much more.

At the end of every day my brushes are washed with my brush egg, fairy liquid, and lukewarm water. Lots of people recommend baby shampoo but I find that it doesn’t quite cut it! Washing up liquid is designed to cut through grease...it’s much more effective.

Top tip - always hold the bristles pointing down. This stops water getting into the handle or ferrule where the brushes are glued. (This is the main reason hairs will start to come out.)

Always reshape your bristles whilst damp and leave to dry. I usually just lay them flat on a window sill, or on a towel on the radiator.

If you are just using your brushes on yourself, I recommend washing them about once a week.But, if you love wearing different colours everyday, then the purifying brush cleaner will be your best friend.

There is nothing more frustrating than almost finishing your eye makeup, only to mistakenly pickup a brush with a different colour and ruin your whole look! Been there, done that and bought the brush cleaner!

If you suffer from bad acne breakouts, please be extra clean with your brushes and sponges. If you don’t, the bacteria can multiply and make it worse...

Sponges... please wash every single day! Warm water and a bar of soap or washing up liquid!Sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria!

When it comes to keeping products clean...make sure you check the use by date. Some can last ages (like powder based products) but some of the creamier ones definitely go off. For your powder based products, just give them a little spritz with sanitizer and keep them germ free. If anything looks or smells funny, chuck it straight in the bin!

Pencil wise (eye pencils, lip liners and brow pencils), just give them a sharpen and shave off any unwanted nasties.

I always always have a pack of baby wipes handy to quickly clean up anything. A pack of them and my purifying brush cleaner and I’m good to go!