It would seem that lockdown has yet again influenced wedding trends. This time it is the makeup that bears the stamp of the pandemic. Just like with everything else it created the two extremes when it comes to how brides want to look on their wedding day.

Many got accustomed to not having to do their makeup on a daily basis which led to some brides opting for a more scaled back and natural look for their big day. 


Others may feel that they had enough of the no-makeup look and want to glam it up.

Let’s see what the hottest bridal makeup trends are for 2021,

Ciara x

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All about the Skin

With many of us having more time on our hands, skincare became a staple in many of our routines. People have invested more time and money in extensive skincare, now they want to show off the results. 

These brides aim to look like themselves so it’s no surprise that they will be planning for a look that accentuates all of their improvements rather than using full coverage makeup.

For those opting for the ‘no-makeup’ makeup, it will mean a simple look with a pop of colour on the cheeks, a bit of highlighter on the high points of the face, more on the eyes or lips. Natural-looking brows, soft pink and peachy lips, and more subtle contouring is what make it the perfect look for any bride. 


The Bold Lip

Bold lips will take center stage in many brides' makeup in 2021. The reason behind this trend is quite simply that we want to show off the part of our face that has been covered by masks for the past year. 

This look pairs well with more understated makeup and allows brides to stand out without feeling over the top.

Matte reds and beautiful berry shades, bright pink, mulberry, or deep rose are a great choice for 2021 brides. A bold, blurred lip pairs well with beautiful skin and softly defined eye makeup.

Focus on the Eyes

Another result of wearing masks is the focus dedicated to the eyes.  Donning a sultry eye look or a dramatic eyeliner will be amongst the dominating trends this year. To complete the look and take it to the next level a pair of long fluttery eyelashes are a must. 

Depending on the undertones, a smokey eye can make the eye colour pop. If you are not completely comfortable with the dramatic smokey eye look, you may want to try a smoked-out eyeliner instead which is a subtle way to achieve a similar look.

One thing to remember is to make sure that you try these different looks in advance so you will know what makes you feel most confident and comfortable, after all, every eye will be on you. 


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