Everyone knows I am a makeup lover and have made it my life, but even if you’re not a makeup junkie, wearing makeup is enjoyable, it makes us look and feel better and importantly it gives us more self-confidence.

The question I am asked most is Ciara, what’s in your makeup bag? Well, you won’t see me posing in a full face every day of the week, but there are key products in my makeup bag I use each day and would never leave the house without!

So here they are…


A good foundation is literally the foundation to your makeup look, and of course covers all sins, be that the wine from the night before, or the harsh effects of the cold winter on our skin as we get our daily exercise.

My go to product has to be Delilah Time Frame Foundation (£34) it’s light, buildable coverage has a subtle radiance and a silky texture perfect for everyday wear.

Makeup Belfast


One of the tell-tale signs of getting older or indeed just stress or lack of sleep and fluid intake is under your eyes. This is why I would never be without my Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer (£8.99), the instant Anti Age Eraser Concealer has coloured pigments that perfect the under-eye area, covering flawlessly; say goodbye to dark circles and fine lines!

Makeup Belfast


Nothing says, I am alive and ready to take on the world like a little colour in our cheeks! I head straight for my lipstick Delilah Intense Cream Lipstick in flirt (£24), and blend it into my cheek bones for the same effect you would get with a cream or mousse blusher.

Makeup Belfast



I am never without a tube of Elizabeth Arden, Eight Hour Cream (£28, currently just £17.45) and this legendary skincare classic works wonders to moisturise and protect your lips anytime.

I love that this product can also be used to shape my eyebrows brows, revitalise shine, soothe dry hands and smooth cuticles and nails; it’s a winner every time.

Makeup Belfast


None of us have time to do a full smoky eye every morning, but there are no excuses for taking the time to bring your eyes to life with the right mascara!

Mine comes in a shine silver tube, in the form of L’Oreal Lash Architect (£10.99) their first false lash effect mascara, the powerful sculpting fibres ensure lashes look volumized, lengthened, texturised and curved.

Makeup Belfast


So, these are my go to products to keep us all looking beautiful in 2021, which product or product would you not leave the house without?


Ciara x