As we all get used to our new fashion accessory, it’s time for some necessary rethinking in the beauty department.

If you've not seen your entire face of foundation imprinted on your face mask already, then you may have surrendered to a case of cheek-to-chin dryness. 

Either way, we've got some solutions for you. As face masks, skincare and makeup all need to coexist, so here is Ciara’s top tips on how to wear makeup with a mask. 


  1. Keep it clean

Before you ask if you actually need to make any changes to your skincare routine in particular, yes you do, and here's why. Ciara says, "The moist environment provided by breathing into a tightly sealed mask is perfect for bacteria to thrive. This along with a build-up of sweat that clogs your pores can lead to worsening of skin conditions and acne in the distribution of your face mask."

While it's important to switch up your skincare, making sure that your mask hygiene is on point is just as important. "Definitely don’t ditch the mask, as by wearing one, you’re actively helping to protect our most vulnerable and limit the spread of COVID-19.

For fabric masks, make sure you wash it daily at 40º to 60ºC. Single-use masks should be single-use; it may be better to buy a few cotton masks so that you always have a clean one to hand."


  1. Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse

Nothing says I love you to your skin like cleaning your face at the end of the day, and it feels so good to do it! The right cleanser can be a game changer for your routine, and cleansing is so crucial right now:


"Always cleanse twice a day using lukewarm water to get rid of grime and dead skin cells. If your skin has become very sensitive, use a gentle cleanser that’s non-foaming and preferably fragrance-free, as that can aggravate already irritated skin. You will benefit from a double cleanse in the evening if you’ve been wearing makeup."

I recommend a nourishing makeup remover and cleanser that gently washes the day away, with a perfect scent to ease your mind.

Gently remove your makeup with warm water and a reusable Face Off Mitt, before applying Tropic CLEAR SKIES cleansing powder or SMOOTHING CLEANSER complexion purifier


  1. Ease Up on Exfoliation and Actives

If exfoliation is a major part of your routine, fear not—you can still get in on the action, but you might need a few subtle tweaks. "Your skin barrier is already under pressure, so further exfoliation can cause increased distress. Light exfoliation can be achieved by swapping AHA cleansers for enzyme cleansers. Avoid scrubs to prevent further annoyance and sensitivity." 

The good news? You can still plan ahead, as "when you're considering longer-term products to introduce into your skincare routine once your skin has settled, an antioxidant like vitamin C would be good. It will protect against extrinsic factors like air pollution and UV rays that damage our skin.  

  1. Prioritise Hydration

Whether you're wearing makeup or not, moisture is so important for combatting mask-induced dryness. "Keeping the skin moisturised is key for well-being and to encourage skin repair. Barrier-supporting ingredients such as panthenol, ceramides, gluconolactone, niacinamide and glycerin will boost hydration and encourage healing of the skin"

Everyone's skin will react differently to wearing a mask, so check it on a daily basis to see what your skin needs.

SKIN FEAST £24 nourishing cream concentrate is the perfect go to daily moisturiser.


  1. Switch Your Foundation

To wear foundation or not to wear foundation? That is the question.

"As your mask will cover the majority of your face, you could skip foundation altogether and give your skin a well-earned break, but if you still want a little coverage, use something sheer all over, then a touch of a full-coverage concealer in places you will see, like under your eyes and on any blemishes, you may have on your forehead or temple"

Luckily, there are so many formulas on the market focusing on longevity that you'll be able to find something that won't end up all over your mask. 

Delilah Alibi Fluid Foundation (£32) is utterly light, water-proof, sweat-proof and life-proof! This amazing formulation redefines performance and coverage, and immediate coverage of blemishes.


  1. It's all in the Eyes

Missing your favourite highlighter and blusher? Shift all of that energy to your eyes.

Your eyes are the main focus when you're in a mask, and the eye smile is your alternative to the real thing at this time, so let’s make them shine!

"It’s best to ditch full-coverage makeup looks and focus on being kind to your skin and having more fun with eye makeup instead, so now you can experiment with colour or texture.

There are no rules whatsoever, so if you feel inclined to wear glitter or a neon liner, go for it. If bold colour is too far out of your comfort zone, try perfecting a classic bronze eye, which can be dialled up or down to suit you." If you don’t have an eye shadow this colour why not try using a matte bronzer instead!

Have a look at what palettes and eyeshadows you already have. Try using some of the colours that you haven’t got round to trying!

When applying mascara spend time getting the brush to the base of the lashes and wiggling through to the ends. Repeat this over and over until lashes are fully coated.

For a fun and create look try the NEW Ciara Daly x Chloe Morton Inspire Palette (£30) or a must have makeup staple of 2021 Ciara Daly BARE Palette (£40).


  1. Brows on Fleek

Over the year’s brows have become incredibly important in our daily makeup routine. Some of us have it sussed, some of us still struggle to get the whole thing right. We've seen our fair share of brow trends over the past few years, and it seems like it was all preparing us for this moment.

It’s all about getting the right dimensions and getting the brows in the right proportion to your face.

Lots of people can get it wrong by merely just filling in a shape that they already have, when a lot of the time the shape is bad and needs rectified with the help of products and tools.

There are many eyebrow products out there from pencils, pomades to even just using a matte eye shadow with your brush.

"I always like to keep brows looking fluffy and natural by using a tinted brow gel or soap on the brows, then fill in any sparse areas with brow-like strokes, using a basic eye shadow or pomade"

Define and sculpt perfect brows with LA Girl Brow Pomade (£6) The creamy pomade slides on effortlessly and locks into place. 

The Diva Collection (£16) is perfect to shape and sculpt the perfect eye brow.


  1. Keep It Fresh

You've probably experienced just how hot it can get under your mask, don't sweat it (literally), "To refresh your makeup throughout the day, take a small bottle of toner or setting spray out with you.

Start by removing any excess oil on the skin with a blotting paper. Then, take a clean finger and lightly blend any makeup that may have creased under your eyes or around your hairline. Spritz your face. This will cool you down and relax you. You could reapply a little concealer if you feel you need to, but I would avoid adding a powder to keep your skin feeling as fresh as possible.

Tropic VITAMIN TONER pore-refining mist (£14) is a handy quick-fix hydrator.

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