Lockdown life has taken its toll on all of us.

But for some it has been especially tough with the challenges of home working and schooling added to an already packed list of responsibilities.

It’s been a year like no other, and you’d be forgiven for forgetting about yourself in it all.

But why not take the time to recentre, reconnect and focus on yourself with some makeup tips that will make you feel like the glam woman you are.

As we age, there are a few more things we need to consider when it comes to applying make-up.

I’ve put together some do’s and don’ts for women over 40 and hope it will inspire you to celebrate your beauty and put your best face forward.


Preparation is everything. Make sure to cleanse with a vitamin filled cleanser that will feed the skin as well as remove all impurities. Tone, and layer up with moisturiser that will replenish the skin.

So many of us forget the primer step. This is the only way to create a smooth base for your makeup and is vital for slightly older skin. Don’t miss this out if you want to make sure your foundation is flawless.

Build up your coverage, but avoid full coverage that might sit a bit heavy on the skin and make you look a bit cakey rather than youthful and dewy.

Concealer will help you minimise any discolouration and brighten up your skin giving you confidence that any blemishes are covered.

A glowy, dewy, youthful look is topped off with a translucent powder that will set your foundation and give you the perfect base to work from.


If in your youth you were a bit heavy handed with the tweezers, then make sure to go gentle and sculpt and build a more substantial brow.

Work with what you’ve got and build with a powder to create the perfect brow and frame your face.

Keep them in place with an eyebrow gel that will set them off to perfection.

Don’t forget your eyebrows should be sisters…not twins!!


So often we neglect our eyes when it comes to putting together a look.

A nude palette will be your best friend as you blend and tickle your skin, building with eyeshadow to create a lovely day look that can be built into a night-time look.

Use powder to line the eyes as it is so much softer a look than a liquid liner that can bleed on older skin.

More is more when it comes to mascara and make sure to spend time perfecting the look to really make the eyes pop.

Cheeks, contour and highlight

Don’t put a lot of product onto your blusher brush. Build it up slowly and you can control the look.

Contouring should always be matte with colour tones that will sculpt your face and give you more definition. Don’t go mad with product. You are aiming for a slight shadow rather than harsh lines that will only age your face.

When it comes to highlighter, make sure that you aren’t highlighting the negatives. So if you have lots of crows feet then don’t even think about putting highlighter anywhere near those areas. Accentuate the positive and play with highlighter to draw attention to your best features.


Sadly, as we get older we lose our natural lip line. Makeup comes to the rescue and you can use neutral lip lines to recreate what you’ve lost. Once you’ve lined, paint your lips on with the shape you want. Working in the lipstick with a brush will make it last longer and top it off with some lipgloss!

Practice makes perfect. Today might be the day you try a new look, the key to creating a look that makes the most of you and all your beautiful imperfections is practice, with this in mind I have created an online over 40’s makeup lesson. Gain unlimited access to 5 lessons to take you from Base to lips and you can go back and practice anytime for just £19.95! 

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Ciara x