Turning your passion into your profession is the ultimate goal - The makeup industry gives you the opportunity to not only be creative, but also carve out a dream job!

All of us want to love what we do and for the majority of us work can sometimes be a means to an end rather than a reason to jump out of bed, excited to get to work.

But imagine if you could wake up every-day knowing that the job you have is ev

And while some might say, ‘it’s work, notfun’, why does that have to be the case?

Especially if you have a talent that can be turned into a business.

The makeup industry gives you the opportunity to not only be creative, but also carve out a dream job that suits your individual circumstances and can drive a significant income.

If you’ve got a passion for makeup and aflair for the creative, then it might be time to turn your hobby into habit.

First things first, do you find yourself scouring social media and fashion magazines to keep on trend and try out the latest looks on yourself and others?

Do you love making people feel like their best selves?

 Do you spend hours playing on yourself to create the perfect lip, smokey eye or flawless base?

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Then here’s why you should take the leap and become a professional makeup artist.

-      People

The job of a makeup artist is to make their clients look their very best. It is also a great way to meet new people and interact with creatives from all sorts of industries. From working with individual clients to meeting with photographers and models, every day will bring diverse people and experiences into your world. This is the perfect job if you love meeting new people and getting to know new people, see new places and help make people feel utterly wonderful.

-      Creativity

The possibilities are endless when it comes to makeup artistry. Following your passion could lead you down so many directions, from bridal to special occasions, editorial and fashion makeup or special effects and television. Imagine waking up every day and facing a new challenge and opportunity to showcase your creativity?

-      Development

There is no such thing as routine in a makeup artist’s life. Every season offers new trends and new opportunities to expand your skillset. You will never be bored and can continually develop your skills.There are so many master classes and people and places where you can experiment and expand your horizons.

-      Freedom

As a freelancer you have the freedom to schedule your own day and set your own hours and where you work. From holidays to weekends, you get to choose when you work and plan your work around your life. There will of course be busy times where you may work long hours, but the choice is always yours.

-      Money

Network, publicise and demonstrate your experience and you can command a price that reflects the value of your work.There is always a demand for excellent, high-quality makeup whether for weddings and special occasions. Turning your passion into a business can be pretty lucrative if you market yourself well and get your name out there.

-      Influence

What if you could change the lives of the people around you? All of us today are affected by the power of social media.Some of this can be pretty negative, but as a successful makeup artist, you have the power to change that.

As an influencer you don’t just get to post and make money, although that is of course one of the main benefits. Using your skills and experience, you could be a positive influence on young people and individuals lacking in confidence. Imagine the impact you could have by showing people how to celebrate their own individual beauty and giving them the tools to become more confident in their skin.

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Being a makeup artist is definitely not your usual 9 to 5, you will never be bored and the only limit to where the job takes you is your imagination.

From working with brides on their big day to adding the final touches to a special occasion look in a salon, makeup artists are in demand. Whether you choose to work freelance or in-house, the opportunities to showcase your skills are pretty much endless.

Choose to create characters in TV and broadcast, tell a brand’s story through media and advertising or go full editorial and showcase the avant garde with fashion and editorial spreads.

There really will be no stopping you and as you get under the skin of the industry and hone your skills and showcase your experience, it won’t be long before you are in demand with makeup brands looking to you to create their next season look.

If that doesn’t float your boat then you could influence others by teaching and educating them on how and why to use makeup.

And of course, when all is said and done, and you’ve honed your craft, worked in every area of this amazing industry, you might think about creating your own brand. How incredible would it be to take all you’ve learnt and love and pour that passion into creating a range of makeup that reflects your style and gives individuals a way to express themselves and celebrate their beauty.

It is said that if you do what you love for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life. When it comes to makeup artistry that is definitely the case.

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